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Get Involved!

Here are some ways to get involved with the project.
You can apply to be photographed for the project for free or you can book a private shoot..
You can purchase and collect the work.
You can volunteer to help with marketing, publicity, promotion or other tasks.
You can send a donation below.
Or If you can think of another way you can support the project, please do let us know.
The Sex Goddess Project and The Intimacy Project are only available to our community of Models, Collectors and Supporters. 
To inquire about joining our community please do use the contact form below.


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Book a Meeting with The Artist

Ricardo Scipio’s Sex Projects are not available to the general public- only to collectors and supporters.

One way of becoming a collector or supporter is by meeting with him and viewing the work online or in real life. Click below to find out how to make a booking.

Donate to The Cause

Even if you do not wish to purchase any of the work or have a free or private shoot, you can still support creating and promoting our authentic, diverse,  body-positive and sex-positive projects with your donation.

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