The Intimacy Project

“What the World Needs now is Love Sweet Love”


I’ve spent the past seven years of my life photographing people having sex and masturbating. Seven years ago I was a 48-year-old man who had lived a very adventurous and exciting life and thought I knew a lot about sex.

I knew almost nothing….

What I’ve had the supreme honour of seeing and photographing during the creation of the four Sex Goddess Project books has opened my eyes and heart and mind and I know that many of my models have changed and grown through this experience as well.

It would take an entire book to describe all I’ve learned about sex and people and the world. I hope the photos speak for themselves.

Intimacy- which requires trust and vulnerability and humility in both photographer and model/s has never been easy to pull off, but in this time of fear and loathing and social distancing, it’s an even greater challenge.

And that’s what I like and run towards- challenges and growth opportunities.

Intimacy is the willingness and ability to open oneself up to another and to receive the openness of another.

I dedicate myself to photographing love with deep connection, intimacy with courage, and trust with vulnerability.

Message me directly to inquire about being photographed for this project. And to see more sample photos.

Sample Photos

I am looking for sincere, drama-free, mentally and emotionally healthy people who can adore and be adored on camera.

The project isn’t for the public and is meant for collectors and supporters only. There is no cost to you for being photographed for this project.

All shapes and sizes and colours and ages and gender identities are welcome. The project is very body-positive and trans-inclusive.

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Your work invites us to experience moments of the highest form of creative communion. It’s a glimpse into a Divine intimacy and primal energy that is human sexuality. Your work illustrates the interconnectedness of creative, life giving energy fuelled by the power of love.


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