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We have had both public and private Sex Goddess events across Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia- including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Timmins, Ottawa, Windsor. Going forward, Subscribe to our newsletter below to keep up with online  viewing events. Also online viewing events.  Live events events will resume when conditions permit.

Viewing events includes the premiere of photographs; readings from articles written by models about their experiences of self-discovery, self-acceptance and reclaiming of their sexuality through being photographed. There will also be some readings by the photographer, Ricardo Scipio,about his forty-plus year journey that lead him to the creation of the work and his battles against sex-negativity; followed by a question-and-answer session with the attendees.

These events are by invitation only. If you’d to be invited,  are interested in hosting an event, or would like more information, please use the contact form below.

Every Tuesday

The Love Drops NFTs

We are very excited to be releasing our first NFTs every Tuesday for 10 weeks. NFTs are a new and revolutionary way for digital content to be released and acquired while maintaining proof and security of authenticity for both the artist and purchaser.

The Sex Goddess Project Online Viewing Parties


100 photographs accompanied by readings from articles by the models about experiences of self-discovery, self-acceptance and reclaiming of their sexuality through the project. There will also be some readings by and a q&a session with the artist

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Being Photographed by Ricardo Scipio

“…it was certainly the most empowering, validating and
sexiest experience of my life.…”

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